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GATES, Stephen and other early Gates'



Stephen Gates, said to have been born in Norfolk, England, about 1599; died in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, September 1662; married in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 5 May 1628, to Anne Veare, born in Norfolk about 1603; died in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 5 February 1683. She m (2) Richard Woodward (contract, 18 April 1663).
Stephen came to Plymouth Colony in 1638 in the Diligent of Ipswich, with his wife and two children, and probably in company with Robert and Joseph Peck [See Cushing's record, NEHGR 15:26 and Savage, 2:235]. He settled in Hingham, where he received a grant of three acres for a house lot, twelve acres for a "great lot" and a three-acre planting lot. His house was on Town (now North) Street and was bounded on the north by the street, on the east by William Buckland's land, and on the west by the town swamp. In 1647, he received a grant of half an acre of salt marsh. Stephen and his wife probably did not become members of the Hingham church until about 3 May 1646, when their children, Simon, Thomas, Isaac, and Rebecca were baptized (Birth dates of the children are not found in the town records). He sold his house lot and other property to William Hersey, 26 June 1648, after which he may have removed for a time to Cambridge. However, by 1653, he had moved to Nashaway (Lancaster), where he became one of the town's largest proprietors; one of the petitioners for its incorporation (3 April 1654); freeman (1656); and constable (1657). His house lot was "on the neck lying north to the house lot of John Whitcomb, Jr., bounded by the lot of said John Whitcomb south by the house lot of Nathaniel Joslin north by a range of lots easterly which lyeth on west side of Penicock River and westwardly a piece of entervail ... nigh adjoining to the North River, the said house lot being twenty acres more or less." Stephen also had two intervale lots, one of thirteen acres; the other of seven, and 314 acres of the upland division.
In 1657, Stephen was fined £10 because, as Constable, he failed to notify the voters about a town meeting. The court remitted the fine, when Stephen attributed his lapse to illness, but may have on that account relieved him of his constable's staff. In 1658, the sons of John Whitcomb killed three of Stephen's pigs. Whitcomb agreed to pay for them, but then sought to be released from the obligation being "aged and weak and mean in estate." The court decided in Gates’ favor. [See Henry S. Nourse, The Early Records of Lancaster (1884), p.63]. By then, Stephen was living in Sudbury. He subsequently removed to Cambridge, where he rented a farm, made his will (9 June 1662), and died sometime before the end of September, when his estate was inventoried.
The will, proved 7 October 1662, reads: My will is that my wife and my son Simon continue in the place where God have now set me during the time I have in it, and to keep the stock in their hands till the term is out and to pay the rent according to my agreement; and that my son Thomas to continue with them as long as he please. I give to my wife a third of my lands and all the rest of my estate during her life. I give to my son Stephen my house and my house lot of twenty acres in Nashaway and twenty acres of intervale lands and all my land at Hemp Swamp and all my meadow at Postepolekin. The third of these lands being excepted as above to my wife during her life. I give 314 acres of land within the bounds of Nashaway and a parcel of meadow at Still River to be divided equally between Simon and Thomas. My mind is that my wife shall give a colt of a year old unto my daughter Elizabeth when the lease of the farm is out. My wife to give to my daughter, Mary Maynar, a heifer of two years old when the lease of the farm is out. I give power to my wife to dispose of all the stock and my moveables when she die amongst my children according to her discretion. My will is that Elizabeth Bradshaw abide with my wife her Service Ship and that when her time is out my wife shall put her in a double suit of apparel and give her a heifer a year old...
The estate at Cambridge was all personal property. The inventory at Lancaster, taken Sept. 29, 1662, showed property valued at £130.15.08. Administration was granted to Simon Gates of Marlboro and Nathaniel Sparhawk of Cambridge. Sparhawk was the husband of Abigail, a grand-daughter.
The report of the Cambridge committee for seating the meeting house, 19 Jan 1663, assigned "Goodie Gates" a place at the end of the Deacons seats. Despite her marriage to Woodward in 1663, Ann called herself "Gates" in her will, which was proved 9 April 1683. She explained in a footnote: "My last husband's name was Woodward, but I generally went by the name of Gates notwithstanding." Her estate, by inventory taken 4 April 1683, had a value of £14. 6d. There is some conflicting information about the date of her death. According to Stow records, Anne Woodward died 19 Feb 1683; Marlborough records state that Widow Hannah [sic] Gates died 5 Feb 1683.

Children of Stephen GATES and Anne VEARE:
Elizabeth Gates, born in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 1629; died in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 3 August 1704; married John Lazell in Hingham, November 1649. [See NEHGR, 2:252; Hobart's Journal, NEHGR 121:22. For descendants, see NEHGR 88:257ff.]
Stephen Gates, married Sarah Woodward.
Mary Gates, christened in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 15 October 1636, died about 1678; married John Maynard, in Sudbury, Massachusetts, 5 April 1658, [NEHGR, 17:256]. Following Mary's death, Maynard married Sarah (Blanding) Keyes, widow of Elias Keyes. In January 1657, during a church service, Mary disputed some statements made by the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, minister in Lancaster. Upon evidence of John Prescott and others, the court convicted her of " bold and unbecoming speeches used in the public assemblies, and especially against Mr. Rowlandson." She acknowledged the offense and was discharged upon paying fees for the attendance of the witnesses. [See Marvin, History of the Town of Lancaster and Nourse, The Early Records of Lancaster, Massachusetts, pp. 46-48.]
Thomas Gates, born in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1642; christened in Hingham, 3 May 1646; died in Preston, New London, Connecticut, 10 August 1726; married (1) Elizabeth Freeman of Sudbury, 6 July 1670, and (2) Susan Freeman. By Elizabeth, had had Elizabeth (1671), Sarah (1673), John (9 April 1678), Joseph (16 March 1680), Josiah (8 March 1682), Deborah (22 February 1684), Ann (18 July 1686), and Abigail (18 February 1689). Resided in Stow, Charlestown, Marlborough, and Sudbury before moving to Preston (Norwich) in 1703.
Simon Gates, christened in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 3 May 1646; died in the state in Muddy River (now Brookline), Massachusetts, 26 August 1692; married Margaret Barstow before 1671. Was a soldier in King Philip's War, for which service his son, Jonathan Gates, received land in Narragansett township. Simon Gates was sued, 9 November 1670 by John Woods of Marlborough for breaking a marriage contract with his daughter Frances.
Ann Gates, married John Chew before 1663. Torrey does not name her among the children of Stephen and Anne (Veare) Gates. [See NEHGR 120:163.]
Isaac Gates, christened in Hingham, 3 May 1646, died in Hingham, 3 September 1651. [See: Hobart's Journal, NEHGR 121:24.]
Rebecca Gates, christened in Hingham, 3 May 1646, died in Hingham, January 1651. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:163; Hobart's Journal, NEHGR 121:22.]
Of Stephen's ancestry, the Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, biography of Jacob F. Gates) says the following: "Genealogically speaking the Gates family line is one of the most unique and wonderful in the Church. Jacob F. goes back in direct attested line on the Gates side to 1250 A. D., and on the last Clapdow line to William the Conqueror's time, 1066. They are a sturdy, intelligent stock; no kings and rakes are noted therein, nor paupers and rogues; just that splendid yeoman strain which has produced the leaders of the Latter-day Saints from New England, Old England, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. It is the blood of Israel."
With respect to the Gates pedigree, if not also in other respects, these assertions do not withstand scholarly scrutiny. Though Stephen was probably born in Norfolk in or near Hingham, no record of his birth has been found, and the names of his parents are not known. One source, Charles Otis Gates [Gates Genealogy, 1898] states that Stephen was son of Thomas Gates of Norwich. But this, as Donald Lines Jacobus said in 1933, "has yet to be proved." Jacobus did, however, supply us with a few leads [The American Genealogist, Vol. 10, pp. 199-200]:
The parish register from Hingham does ... give some clue as to Stephen's family in Old England. Thomas Gates and Margaret Mylnye were married there June 24, 1622 and William Gates and Alice Foulesam were married Sept. 18, 1627. These men were likely brothers of Stephen. A Rose Gates, widow, was buried in Hingham July 25, 1635. She may have been Stephen's mother. The marriage of Stephen Gates and Ann Veare is recorded May 5, 1628, but there is no other person bearing the family name of Veare mentioned in the parish books. Her family must have lived elsewhere. Mary Gates is the only child of Stephen and Ann's recorded in the register, being baptized in 1636. Since there were at least two children older than Mary, it is likely the family resided in another town between the time of marriage of the parents and the record of the baptism of Mary.
The lineage to which the Biographical Encyclopedia refers relies on C. O. Gates’ assertion that Stephen was grandson of Peter and Mary (Josselyn) Gates.
On this issue, we have the testimony of Frances Sage of Endicott, New York, saying [NEHGR 137:146] that the error had been perpetuated in published works because her grandfather "gave the information to C. O. Gates, who incorporated it into the preface of his book [N. Y., 1898]." Having later discovered his error, Mrs. Sage's grandfather published a "correction" in the Boston Transcript (16 September 1925):
"There is Gates genealogy, frequently quoted, and apparently generally accepted, which gives Stephen Gates, the immigrant, as son of Thomas Gates of Norwich, Norfolk, England, and grandson of Peter and Mary (Josselyn) Gates of London. Mr. Charles Otis Gates in his book ... gives this line and seems to be satisfied with the evidence, although he gives no proofs. Within the past twelve months I have seen a visitation of Suffolk made in 1612 and delivered in 1621 which includes further data, that shows that Stephen could not possibly have been a grandson of Peter and Mary Gates. Peter Gates was twenty-nine years old in 1612, and had one "son and heir, Josselyn, aged 3, and two daughters." Stephen's birth date is not known, but he was married and had five children, all born in England, when he came to America in 1634 or 1642. I have seen both dates given, but incline to the later one. Obviously, Peter could not have had a son Thomas born after 1612 who would be a grandfather in 1642. The Hon. Benjamin A. G. Fuller of Boston stated in the New England Genealogical and Historical Register [sic] in 1877: 'it seems that Stephen Gates, second son of Thomas Gates of Norwich...' There has never been any reason to question this statement, but the later claim that Thomas was the son of Peter seems now disproved."
Mrs. Sage further noted that Peter Gates married Marian Jocelyn in the parish of High Roding, Essex, 6 October 1605, and their son Jocelyn was baptised at the London church of St. Mary Woolchurch Haugh in February 1607.
At the risk of perpetuating another error, Chris Moore [soc.genealogy.medieval, 29 April 1998] hazarded a guess of his own: "Personally, I tend to believe that Stephen was either the son or grandson of Sir Thomas Gates, who was the first governor of the settlement at Jamestowne, Virginia 1611-1614. I am searching for proof of that connection now."


Stephen Gates, son of Stephen and Anne (Veare) Gates, born in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 1634; died in Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 23 October 1706; married in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, about 1664, Sarah Woodward, daughter of George and Mary (Gibson) Woodward, born in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 3 February 1643; died in Stow after 1707.
Ratables in Stow in 1688 show Stephen Gates Sr. (2 persons, 9s 3d), Stephen Jr, (one person, 4s 1d), Thomas (one person, 7s 1d), and Simon (one person, 2s 4d). [See NEHGR, 32:81.]
Torrey [NEHGR 120:163] shows Stephen dying in Stow, 9 July 1707. Says he came to New England with his parents in 1638; after maturity resided in Lancaster, Cambridge, Boston, Marlborough, and Stow. Will is dated in Stow, 5 September 1701; proved 15 September 1707. [See also, Savage Genealogical Dictionary, 2:236.]

Children of Stephen GATES and Sarah WOODWARD:
Stephen Gates, born in Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, 17 July 1665; died in Preston, New London, Connecticut, 4 November 1732. He married in Stow, 8 November 1686, Jemima Benjamin, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Clark) Benjamin, born in Connecticut, 1664; died in Preston. Stephen removed from Stow to Preston before 6 June 1694, when he sold land to brother Simon. By terms of his will, proved 30 November 1732, each of his five daughters were to receive £100. "In 1711 the town of Preston granted to Stephen Gates 14 acres and water power running through it on condition that he build and operate a saw and grist mill. The land is now in the town of Griswold at Hopeville. In 1742, his son Stephen Gates, Jr., set apart one acre for a burying place. The Gates family used it for many years. There are about 250 graves, 41 with inscriptions." [Torrey, NEHGR 120:165, citing Homer W. Brainard].
Simon Gates, married Hannah Benjamin.
Thomas Gates (Ensign), born in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, 31 December 1669; died in Preston, 1752; married (1) Elizabeth Freeman and (2) Margaret Geer (1695). Lived in Marlborough, Stow, and Preston.
Isaac Gates (Ensign), born in Boston, 1673; died in Stow, 22 November 1748; married (1), 2 July 1696, Mercy Benjamin, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Clark) Benjamin, born in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, 12 March 1675; died about 1709; married (2) Elizabeth (Merriam) Farrar, widow of John Farrar who was killed in battle with Indians in 1707. Daughter, Hannah, married Simon (4) Davis, great grandson of Dolor via Simon (3) and Samuel (2). [See Burke's Landed Gentry, 2650, and NEHGR 107:152.]
Nathaniel Gates, born in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts, about 1675; died intestate in Stow, 1731; married Mary B. Gibson. Administration of his estate was granted to his son Stephen, 6 December 1731. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:168.]
Sarah Gates, born in Marlboro, 27 April 1679; died in Stow, 27 January 1724, unmarried.
Rebecca Gates, born in Marlboro, 23 July 1682; died in Stow, 21 January 1754; married Deacon Timothy Gibson (His niece, Mary, married Rebecca's brother, Nathaniel. [See NEHGR, 37:389])
Daniel Gates (Lieutenant), born in Stow, 25 April 1685; died in Stow, 22 March 1759; said to have married (1) Anna Eleveth and (2) Anna Gates. [Torrey, NEHGR 120:169 says only that he married Anna (---).] Daniel lived on farm at Spindle Hill, Stow, which was part of the farm owned by his father. By deed made 25 March 1741 and recorded 20 May 1757, he conveyed the farm to his son, Silas. He served as selectman in 1724, 1738, 1747, 1751, and 1752; also served on town committees and as tithing-man and fence viewer.


Simon Gates, son of Stephen and Sarah (Woodward) Gates, born in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 5 June 1667; died before 22 June 1752; married in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 4 May 1688 (the Rev. William Brinsmead of Marlborough officiating), Hannah Benjamin, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Clark) Benjamin, born February 1668 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died after 1752.
Simon's will, dated in Stow 22 July 1743 with codicil added 25 May 1747, was lodged for probate by his son Amos, 9 March 1752, and proved 22 Jun 1752. He mentioned his wife Hannah, his "two eldest sons Joseph and Benjamin," sons Elisha and Amos, all of whom had received land by deeds of gift. Hannah Heald, Mary Haines, and Susannah Fitch are mentioned as surviving daughters [Susannah died before settlement], and daughter Elizabeth Wheeler was deceased. Mentions cash, bonds, and bills, from which it appears that he was something of a capitalist. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:166.]

Children of Simon GATES and Hannah BENJAMIN:
Hannah Gates, born 13 Feb 1689; married Oliver Heald of Stow about 1710; executed husband's will, 1755.
Joseph Gates, born in Stow about 1691; died in Stow before 4 April 1748; married Prudence Hamlin of Barnstable, 1728. Described as a glazier in Middlesex probate records. Widow, Prudence adjudged of unsound mind, 14 February 1757. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:166; 120:267.]
Mary Gates, born about 1696; married Joseph Haynes in Sudbury, 20 December 1720; removed to Brimfield before 1775.
Simon Gates, born in Stow about 1700; died 21 July 1736, testate, but unmarried.
Elizabeth Gates, born in Stow, 1701; married Thomas Wheeler.
Benjamin Gates, born in Stow, 24 March 1704; died in Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts, before 12 May 1758; married Bethulia Rice, daughter of Jonathan and Anne (Derby) Rice, 5 April 1727. Served, in place of his son William, probably in 1748, from 8 to 26 August, under Maj. Daniel Heywood. The company marched on an alarm to the defense of the western frontiers by order of Col. J. Chandler. In 1757, he was in service as a soldier in Col. Frye's regiment. After his death, his widow petitioned for an allowance on account of his sickness while serving as a soldier. An order was passed 17 Oct 1759, allowing her the sum of £2 14s 10d. Son Israel (born 1728) was a soldier in the War of Revolution; son William (born 1730) apparently served as Sergeant in Captain Abel Dinsmore's company in 1777. Son Thomas (born 1732) was slain in 1755 in the Crown Point Expedition. Son Captain Benjamin marched in August 1757 to the relief of Fort William Henry; served as lieutenant, and afterward captain, in the American Revolution. Sons Jonathan (born 1742) and Aaron (born 1744) also served in the Revolution. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:166 and 120:267.]
Elisha Gates, born in Stow about 1706; died in Stow about 1762. Had military service as sentinel under Captain Jonathan Whitney. The company was "sent into the woods" by Col. Samuel Willard in search of Indians. Married about 1735 Mary, daughter of John and Mary (Bowker) Gates. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:166; 120:269.] Torrey does not indicate the family connection, if any, between Elisha and his wife.
Israel Gates, born in Stow about 1708; died 31 July 1726, unmarried.
Amos Gates, married Mary Hubbard.
Susannah Gates, born in Stow, 1711; died 24 December 1748; married John Fitch (died 1795) in about 1733. John and Susannah and their five children were captured by the Indians in July 1748 and taken to Canada. Susannah died on the homeward journey, 24 December 1748. [For further particulars, see Henry S. Nourse, The Military Annals of Lancaster, Mass. (1889), pp. 24-25. See also NEHGR 55:402 and Torrey, NEHGR 120:167.]


Amos Gates, son of Simon and Hannah (Benjamin) Gates, born in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, October 1709; died before 12 March 1783. He married in Stow, 7 November 1732, Mary Hubbard, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Clark) Hubbard, born in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 4 May 1712; died about December 1754.
Torrey [NEHGR 120:269] says that he was probably born in Stow about 1706 and that he married (2) Deborah Thayer Rockwood, widow of John Rockwood of Mendon, Massachusetts, to whom was granted administration of his estate (apparently insolvent). Children of the second marriage were Lois (1761-1822), wife of William Taylor; Deborah (1762-1836), who married her mother's stepson, Stephen Parmenter; Susannah (1765), wife of Isaac Whitman; Jacob (1767-1792); Aseph (1769); and Bethia (1773), wife of Daniel Wood.

Children of Amos GATES and Mary HUBBARD:
Oliver Gates, born in Stow about 1733; died in Stow, 6 October 1813; married his cousin Lucy, daughter of Elisha Gates (intention 2 October 1758). A Private in the Crown Point Expedition from 14 August to 12 December 1755; re-enlisted 17 December 1755 and served until 24 Mar 1756. Re-enlisted again 24 March 1756 and served until 10 October 1756. His name appears in a list of soldiers at Fort William Henry, 9 August 1756.
Amos Gates, born in Stow, 15 April 1735; died in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, 6 December 1804; married in Littleton, Middlesex, Mass, 28 October 1771, Elizabeth (Tuttle) (Wood) Law, widow of John Law and previously widow of Jeremiah Wood. Constable in 1777; surveyor of highways in 1782. Appears to have been the Amos Gates who served under Captain Israel Williams from 22 May 1755 to 27 June 1756. Service was at the western frontier with a detachment in Colrain, Massachusetts. He also served under Captain Silas Brown from 4 March to 2 December 1760 in the campaign for the reduction of Canada, and was a soldier in the American Revolution.
Simon Gates, born in Stow, 1739; died in Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, 11 March 1803; married Susannah Reed in Marlborough, 27 May 1766. His land was in the part of Westminster included in Gardner when that town was established. Served in the Crown Point Expedition under Capt. Abijah Hall, 15 May to 13 December 1759; he was again in service the following year from 4 March to 27 November under Captain Silas Brown in the campaign for the reduction of Canada. In his enlistment, 26 February 1760, he was described as 21 years of age.
Abraham Gates (Sergeant), born in Stow, August 1741; died in Ashby, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 7 March 1806; married (1) Susannah Whittemore of Dunstable, 17 November 1766, in Townsend, Massachusetts, and (2) Lucy Rumrill of Townsend, 25 November 1783. Served as a Private under Captain Silas Brown from 4 March to 2 December 1760 in the campaign against Canada. In his enlistment, he is described as son of Amos Gates and 18 years of age. He served also in the American Revolution. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. II, shows him buried in the Village Cemetery in Ashby. [DAR record posted in 1955.]
Asa Gates, born in Stow about 1743.
Jacob Gates, born in Stow about 1745.
Isaac Gates, married Mary Wheeler.


Isaac Gates, son of Amos and Mary (Hubbard) Gates, born in Acworth, Sullivan, New Hampshire, 22 October 1746; died in Acworth, 17 February 1831. He married, 15 December 1769, Mary Wheeler, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Daby) Wheeler, born in Acworth, 4 June 1754; died in Ackworth, 18 October 1819. Soldier in the American Revolution. [See Torrey, NEHGR 120:270.]

Children of Isaac GATES and Mary WHEELER:
Polly Gates, born in Acworth, abt. 1770; m. Aaron Brown.
Thomas Gates, married Patty Plumly.
Isaac Gates, born in Henniker, Merrimack, New Hampshire, 14 September 1773; died 2 April 1843; married (1) Sally Evans and (2) Hannah Kendall.
Benjamin Gates, born in Henniker, 13 August 1778; married Patty Stevens.
Jacob Gates, born in Ashburnham, Worcester, Massachusetts, 22 August 1781; died 24 August 1806; married Polly Foster.
Betsy Gates, born in Acworth, 28 July 1784 Sullivan; married Isaac Gates (born about 1780).
Sally Gates, born in Acworth, 19 February 1788; died 15 September 1798.
Reuben Gates, born in Acworth, 12 March 1790; married (1) Rebecca Grout and (2) Hannah Hall.
Willis Gates, born in Acworth, 11 October 1793; died 6 November 1873; married Elmira Hulet.
Mary Gates, born in Henniker, 14 April 1795.